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I Couldn't Live Without You

 Title: I Couldn't Live Without You 
 Label: Snowy 
 Label Number: SWP/01 
 Release Date: 2005 
 Recording Type: Studio Outtakes & Live Recordings 
 Location: Studio 
 Date: Various 
 Sound: Studio / Live 
 Track Listing: 
01Mystery Train (overdubbed version)    2:30  
02Milkcow Blues Boogie (overdubbed version)    2:38  
03When It Rains It Really Pours (overdubbed version)     2:06  
04Mean Woman Blues (BX take -7 acetate)     2:08  
05Treat Me Nice (first version take 8)    2:36  
06I'm Yours (stereo single version)    2:18  
07A Whistling Tune (stereo master with overdubs)    2:19  
08Angel (vocal overdubs)    2:42  
09Gold In The Mountains (solo)    1:54  
10Anyone (solo)    2:29  
11So Close Yet So Far From Paradise (take 3)    3:01  
12So Close Yet So Far From Paradise (take 4)    3:18  
13Clambake (solo)     2:37  
14Stay Away (overdub by Jerry Reed take 3)    2:35  
15Stay Away (slow version take 2 in stereo)    2:41  
16Stay Away Joe (take 17)     1:35  
17 My Little Friend (overdudded)    2:47  
18I'm Leaving It Up To You (live)    1:34  
19The First Time Ever I Held You Close (live)    3:10  
20I Couldn't Live Without You (live) (Pete Hallin)    4:52  
 Notes:  The back cover says that all tracks have been mastered from tapes except for track 4 & 5.
The track listing looks quite familiar and if not mistaken it's very likely that ALL those tracks were lifted from mp3 files on the net,