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Love Songs

Love Songs - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Love Songs - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Love Songs - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title: Love Songs 
 Label: none listed 
 Label Number: none 
 Release Date: 2012 
 Recording Type: Studio 
 Location: various 
 Date: various 
 Sound: Studio 
 Track Listing: 
01 It's Now Or Never     03:19  
02 She's Not You     02:13  
03 Love Letters     02:54  
04 Anything That's Part Of You     02:09  
05 Surrender     01:57  
06 Kentucky Rain     03:19  
07 Suspicious Minds     03:24  
08 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me     02:33  
09 I Just Can't Help Believing     04:43  
10 The Wonder Of You     02:37  
11 Can't Help Falling In Love     03:06  
12 Always On My Mind     03:41  
13 Love Me Tender     02:46  
14 Loving You     02:18  
15 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You     02:43  
16 Wooden Heart     02:07  
17 Are You Lonesome Tonight     03:10  
18 Just Pretend     04:07  
19 Until It's Time For You To Go     04:01  
20 Memories     03:10  
21 You'll Never Walk Alone (alternate take 2)     03:44  
22 Puppet On A String (alternate mix)     02:44  
23 Pledging My Love (alternate master mix)     02:53  
24 It's Easy For You (take 1)     03:49  
25 Almost In Love (vocal overdub, incl. count-in)     03:19  
26 My Little Friend (unfinished master, incl. count-in)     02:47  
 Notes:  Poduced from lossy audio source (MPEG).

Press note:
After the great success of Arcade's Elvis 40 Greatest (1975), K-Tel England wanted to release a follow-up in 1979. They bought the rights from RCA for 20 well-known ballads and released them on the Love Songs album. From the start, the TV album was a huge success. It reached No. 4 in the charts with sales of approx 250.000 copies sold within 12 months! It was an instant chart topper all over Europe and in many other countries (in Argentina and Brazil it was released as Love Collection). In Holland, it went to No. 18 in the charts.

Strangely, this album was not released in the US until 1981, but then it contained only 16 songs instead of 20. Worldwide sales of Love Songs are now approx 1.000.000 copies. The designer of the front sleeve probably had a bad day (or he just didn't like the King) when he put together the cover for this album. It's one of the very few success albums with such a horrible front sleeve, using a blown-up 1970's Elvis picture. When the album was re- released in 1981, K-Tel used a much better picture of Elvis, taken from his legendary 1968 NBC TV- Special. Here you will have both front covers, so you can choose your own favorite.

Now following the Elvis 40 Greatest CD release we have the Love Songs album on CD.

Despite it's classic status and the fact that many fans grew up with this album in their collection, it was never released on a properly pressed CD. The 26 songs on this new album (20 original album tracks + 6 rare bonus tracks) are some of the best love songs that Elvis recorded. Suspicious Minds is included here as its the rare version without the horn overdubs and the famous fade-out, fade in at the end of the song.

This version is hard to find and only available on a few RCA CD releases.

The bonus tracks includes two rare and unfinished master recordings of Almost In Love and My Little Friend, the beautiful take 2 of You'll Never Walk Alone, the stunning take 1 of Its Easy For You, a different, unused mix of the master of Pledging My Love and also an alternate mix of Puppet On A String.

This, 500 pressed CD release, comes in a stunning 6-panel digipack with original artwork. It sure looks like a miniature version of the original album. This is the ultimate Valentines gift for 2012! Buy a copy now for your own collection or as a perfect Valentines fit for the one(s) you love!