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Original Film Music - Vol.6

 Title: Original Film Music - Vol.6 
 Label: AJ Records 
 Label Number: 080379-08 
 Release Date:1992 
 Recording Type: Soundtrack 
 Location: Soundtrack 
 Date: Various 
 Sound: Excellent ! 
 Track Listing: Kissin' Cousins - Smokey Mountain Boy - There's Gold In The Mountains - One Boy , Two Little Girls - Catchin' On Fast - Tender Feeling - Pappy , Won't You Please Come Home ? - Barefoot Ballad - Once Is Enough - Kissin' Cousins - Kissin' Cousins - Roustabout - Poison Ivy League - Wheels On My Heels - It's A Wonderful World - It's Carnival Time - Carny Town - One Track Heart - It's Carnival Time - Hard Knocks - Little Egypt - Big Love Big Heartache - There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon - Long Lonely Highway - It Feels So Right - Such An Easy Question - Dirty Dirty Feeling - Put The Blame On Me - I'm Yours - Night Rider - I Feel That I've Known You Forever - I Feel That I've Known You Forever - Slowly But Surely.
Note: Contains all the soundtrack songs in order of appearance from these movies : King Creole , Roustabout and Tickle Me.