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Original Film Music - Vol.8

 Title: Original Film Music - Vol.8 
 Label: AJ Records 
 Label Number: 080379-08 
 Release Date:1992 
 Recording Type: Soundtrack 
 Location: Soundtrack 
 Date: Various 
 Sound: Excellent ! 
 Track Listing: Fun In Acapulco - Vino , Dinero Y Amor - Mexico - El Toro - Marguerita - The Bullfighter Was A Lady - No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car - Guadalajara - Easy Come , Easy Go - The Love Machine - Yoga Is As Yoga Does - You Gotta Stop - Sing You Children - I'll Take Love - Easy Come Easy Go (Instrumental) - She's A Machine - Clambake - Who Needs Money ? - A House That Has Everything - Confidence - Clambake - Instrumental) - Clambake - You Don't Know Me - Hey Hey Hey - The Girl I Never Loved - Clambake - Singing Tree.
Notes: Contains all the soundtrack songs in order of appearance from these movies : Fun In Acapulco , Easy Come Easy Go and Clambake.

For some reason the label number for this cd is the same as Original Film Music Volume 6 !