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Our Memories Of Elvis Volume 1 & 2

Our Memories Of Elvis Voume 1 & 2 Our Memories Of Elvis Voume 1 & 2 Our Memories Of Elvis Voume 1 & 2

 Title: Our Memories Of Elvis Volume 1 & 2 
 Label: Victorola 
 Label Number: 7-2010-2 
 Release Date: 2010 
 Recording Type: Studio Recordings 
 Location: various 
 Date: various 
 Sound: Studio 
 Track Listing: 
01 Are You Sincere       02:05
02 It´s Midnight       03:26
03 My Boy       02:59
04 Girl Of Mine       03:44
05 Take Good Care Of Her       02:57
06 I´ll Never Fall In Love Again       03:47
07 Your Love´s Been A Long Time Coming       02:54
08 Spanish Eyes       02:29
09 Never Again       02:55
10 She Thinks I Still Care       03:56
11 Solitaire       04:44
12 I Got A Feelin´ In My Body       03:41
13 Green Green Grass Of Home       03:40
14 For The Heart       03:35
15 She Wears My Ring       03:28
16 I Can Help       04:07
17 Way Down       02:41
18 There´s A Honky Tonk Angel       03:10
19 Find Out What´s Happening       02:46
20 Thinking About You       03:32
21 Don´t Think Twice, It´s Alright       08:41
22 It's Easy For You       03:29
Notes:  All recordings undubbed. 3 panel digipak release.

Announcement: Revisiting the "Our Memories Of Elvis" albums (a.k.a. "More of the pure Elvis sounds") from 32 years ago, we came to realize that Joan Deary did have a vision well ahead of time. Nowadays we're craving for recordings like this.
Unfortunately, at the time most fans didn't understand the concept of these two albums. These weren't ever intended to be "undubbed recordings".

Both "Our Memories Of Elvis" and "Our Memories Of Elvis - Volume 2" are mainly the masters which were completely remixed and edited.
Most overdubbed recordings and in a few cases also parts that were recorded at the original sessions were left out of the mix to get more out of Elvis' voice.
Obviously, in some instances this left gaps in the sound, so the engineer had to remix it! With these releases, Joan Deary showed that her musical vision was right… Most songs sound much better in their stripped form.

The main reason for this project was that there were many requests at the time from fans complaining about the fact that Elvis' voice was buried under the many instruments and backings. "Can we have a more pure Elvis…" - well, that's what they got in 1979.

Purists complained that it is tampering with "original" recordings. (Would it have been okay if it had been done a few years earlier?).
Many forget the purpose of making music… In order to survive as an artist, you need to go along with your time and the music will stay in the mainstream.
Elvis is an artist who, if treated well, will survive the new eras also.

This release is a must-have and a rare one at the same time. SONY-BMG/FTD decided that this is not an essential release, simply because it was done in 1979.
They focus on the masters "as is", and the undubbed takes. This leaves out these essential remixes, which are not done anymore with the multi-track recordings.
Only minor adjustments are being made these days, without the intention to redo the old job for a new / more up-to-date version of a song.
Many lesser-known artists have re-releases with updated sound, why not Elvis, the King of Music himself!

We seriously remastered these two albums in detail from newly discovered Joan Deary reference tapes which included an unreleased track, "It's Easy For You", which was cut out of the Volume 2 because of the total running time - likely because of the long jam "Don't Think Twice It's All Right."

The song selection is well-chosen within his concept. The slightly longer silences between the songs give you comfortable time to get into the next song.

The words that can describe this realese are breath-taking, magical, intimate, perfect … pure Elvis. Brilliantly remastered and no compare to any other release on vinyl or CD to date! This new release is perfect introduction to a more personal encounter with Elvis.