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Rare Elvis Royal Collection

Rare Elvis Royal Collection - Elvis Presley Bootleg CDRare Elvis Royal Collection - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

Title: Rare Elvis Royal Collection
Label: none listed, possibly "TCB"
Label Number: none
Release Date: 2015
Recording Type: Various
Location: Various
Date: Various
Sound: Various
Rare Elvis Royal Collection - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD CD 1

01. Ready Teddy [remix version]
02. Brown Eyed Handsome Man [informal recording - new edit]
03. Don't [remix version]
04. Your Cheatin' Heart [take 9]
05. Ain't That Loving You [spliced alternate take - full version]
06. Frankfort Special [take 7, 8]
07. Tonight's All Right For Love [extended stereo version]
08. Judy [take 1]
09. Good Luck Charm [take 1]
10. Bossa Nova Baby [original 1987 extended version]
11. Please Don't Stop Loving Me [take 17]
12. 500 Miles [informal home recording]
13. Just Call Me Lonesome [take 6]
14. Stay Away, Joe [take 5, 6, 8]
15. Blue Suede Shoes [spliced 1968 version]
16. Let's Forget About The Stars [original mix with piano overdub]
17. Swing Down Sweet Chariot [brass overdub]
18. Stranger In My Own Home Town [alternate mix]
19. The Sound Of Your Cry [extended version]
20. Havana Gila [live, July 29, 1970 - new edit]
21. Something [live, February 23, 1971]
22. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [duet with Temple Riser]
23. I"ve Got A Thing About You Baby [short version]
24. Let Me Be The One [informal recording]
25. Mr. Songman [undubbed master]
26. Promised Land [harmony version]
27. You Gave Me A Mountain [live, September 2, 1974]
28. Wooden Heart [live, December 13, 1975]
29. Solitaire [undubbed master]

Rare Elvis Royal Collection - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD
CD 2

01. Love Me Tender [stereo version]
02. We're Gonna Move [stereo version - take 9]
03. Treat Me Nice [2nd movie version - take 7]
04. Doin' The Best I Can [take 9]
05. G.I. Blues [take 7]
06. What's She Really Like [take 8 + insert take 20]
07. Pocketful Of Rainbows [take 25]
08. Britches [take 1, 2, 3, 4 + insert edit]
09. King Of The Whole Wide World [take 25]
10. Home ls Where The Heart Is [take 20]
11.This Is Living [take 8]
12. (It's A) Long Lonely Highway [single version]
13. Viva Las Vegas [take 2]
14. What'd I Say [stereo version]
15. There's Gold In The Mountains [undubbed master]
16. Kissin' Cousins [hillbilly vocal overdub]
17. Roustabout [alternate take]
18. l've Got To Find My Baby [uncut full version]
19. Shake That Tambourine [spliced take - break up version]
20. Wisdom Of The Ages [take 2]
21. A Dog's Life [take 1]
22. Sand Castles [take 9]
23. Am I Ready [take 2]
24. Could I Fall In Love [alternate harmony vocal]
25. I'll Take Love [take 2 b]
26. The Girl I Never Loved [take 8, 10, 11]
27. Stay Away [take 12, 13]
28. Wonderful World [vocal overdub]
29. A Little Less Conversation [single version]
30. Rubberneckin' [take 1, 2 - undubbed master]
31. Let Us Pray [alternate master]

Rare Elvis Royal Collection - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD
CD 3

The Rough Studio Mixes

01. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
02. Stranger In The Crowd
03. When I'm Over You
04. I Really Don't Want To Know
05. The Next Step Is Love
06. Funny How Time Slips Away
07. Love Letters
08.1f You Don't Come Back
09.Three Corn Patches
10.Just A Little Bit
11. For Ol' Times Sake
12. Never Again
13. He'Il Have To Go

These rough mixes were made by Felton Jarvis immediately after the sessions, before any overdubs were recorded.

The Rough Live Masters

14. The Wonder Of You
15. Let Me Be There
16. Welcome To My World / Softly As I Leave You
17. America The Beautiful
18. Fairytale [false start] / If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
19. Unchained Melody
20. Little Darlin'

These Rough Masters were recorded live.

The Bonus Tracks

21. Steamroller Blues
22. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry]
23. I've Got A Thing About You Baby [A]
24. l've Got A Thing About You Baby [B]

Tracks 21 and 22 are recorded live on January 12, 1973. Both songs are presented in a different mix than the original release. Track 23 and 24 are 2 different mixes.


Rare Elvis Royal Collection - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD
CD 4

The Complete Masters

01.Girls! Girls! Girls!
02.Thanks To The Rolling Sea
03. Return To Sender
04. Song Of The Shrimp
05. Speedway
06. Suppose [long version]
07. Let Yourself Go
08. Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby
09. Five Sleepy Heads
10. Who Are You
11. He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad
12. Medley: Nothingville / Big Boss Man / Guitar Man / Little Egypt / Trouble / Guitar Man
13. If I Can Dream
14. Suppose [short version]

These are the complete unedited masters including count-in and/or longer fade outs compared to the official released versions.

Original Album Mix

15. Let's Forget About The Stars

The Undubbed Masters

16. Baby If' You'll Give Me All Of Your Love [binaural mix]
17. Clean Up Your Own Backyard
18. Almost

The Outtakes:

19. A Dog's Life [vocal overdub - take 1 20.Am I Ready [take 2]
21. It Hurts Me [section 4 - take 1]
22. I'm Falling In Love Tonight [take 7, 6]
23. Spring Fever [take 2, 3, 4]
24. Please Don't Stop Loving Me [take 8, 9]
25.Saved [alternate take]

The Single Versions

26.You'll Think Of Me
27. Life
28. Almost In Love
Notes: The box comes with a 12 pages booklet. (The track listing is taken from the inserts without any verification!)

From the back cover:
The first album in the German RARE ELVIS series was released in 1980 on vinyl LP. That compilation album for Elvis collectors contained 4 of the Aloha From Hawaii bonus songs, the Elvis Sails interview and some B-sides never released before on an album. This first release was an instant success, so in 1983 Volume 2 and 3 followed.

The first 2 volumes were also released on Compact Disc - Volume 1 only in Germany, Volume 2 even only as a limited to 1000 copies German Club Edition CD, so both of them are real collectables these days. Many years later Volume 3, with extra bonus tracks, was released as a so-called import CD, but it never saw the light on an official CD.

And now - 35 years after the first album, finally here comes much more RARE ELVIS! As with all previous releases, it contains rare and hard to find tracks spanning Elvis" entire career. A great mix of overdubbed, undubbed, re-mixed, informal home, live and alternate (outtake) recordings - a unique collection of more than 100 fan favorites!