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September Nighta

September Nights - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD September Nights September Nights

Title: September Nights
Label: SR
Label Number: SR 3503-2
Release Date: 2008
Recording Type: Live Audience Recording
Location: Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel
Date: September 4, 1970, Dinner Show  (incomplete)
September 7, 1970, Closing Show
Sound: Good !
 Track Listing: 
  September 4, 1970, DS          
01 Opening Vamp     00:38
02 That's All Right Mama     01:37
03 I Got A Woman     02:31
04 I Walk The Line (excerpt)     00:11
05 Monologue / Love Me Tender     06:53
06 I’ve Lost You     02:29
07 You’ve Lost Than Loving Feelin’     04:09
08 Polk Salad Annie     04:12
09 Band Intro     02:34
10 Hound Dog (excerpt)     00:05
11 Johnny B.Goode     01:37
12 Band Intro     01:49
13 The Wonder Of You     03:07
14 One Night     01:34
  September 7, 1970, CS          
15 Opening Vamp     00:31
16 That's All Right Mama     02:20
17 I Got A Woman     02:36
18 I Walk The Line (excerpt)     00:08
19 Monologue     03:07
20 I’ve Lost You     02:33
21 I Just Can’t Help Believin’     04:37
22 You’ve Lost Than Loving Feelin’     04:44
23 Polk Salad Annie     04:46
24 Introductions     08:05
25 Blue Suede Shoes     01:50
26 All Shook Up (inc.)     01:21
27 Hound Dog     02:01
28 Bridge Over Troubled Water     04:59
29 Can't Help Falling In Love     01:55
30 Closing Vamp. (incomplete)     00:14

Due to space problems the first show is not complete although it was recorded in its entirety.

Press note;
The forthcoming release from the "SR" label scheduled for the beginning of September is titled "September Nights" and will feature two unreleased shows from Las Vegas September 04, 1970 Dinner Show (part only) + the complete show from September 07, 1970 Closing Night. As everybody knows SR concentrates on the early 70's live period of Elvis' activity, trying to provide unreleased shows with Elvis at the top of his ability. In this our ninth release, we are proud to present two very rare shows, one complete and part of the second to give you a more complete view of the last part of Elvis’ August 1970 season. Despite being the end of the season, Elvis' love of singing is clear in these tapes and we are glad to give you the opportunity to listen to them.

The Dinner show from September 4th, as presented on this CD is almost complete, missing the last two tracks only. If we look closely at the late Vegas act of September 1970 we can see that Elvis although tired is still able to concentrate on the music to produce great shows. Elvis sings straight to the audience with pauses and jokes, but the performance is still solid and rough; the basic track listing is presented superbly. Songs like I got a Woman, You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling or Polk Salad Annie sound great; he presents the best of his repertoire from the season. The best song from this dinner show is without doubt the oldie “One Night” here performed in a very rough and concentrated way surely the best version of the season.

The Closing Show of a memorable season maybe the best one, although shorter with respect to the early shows and not of comparable intensity but still valuable. Elvis performs the show in essence as his greatest hits of the season and he performs it as only he can at that moment. Songs like I Just Can’t Help Believing’, You’ve Lost Than Loving Feeling’ and Polk Salad Annie sound solid and well performed overall with feeling, the same feeling the we find at the end with Bridge Over Troubled Water, the best song of the show.

These recordings come from an early generation copy of the master tape; the sound quality is very good considering the early season. The sound was restored in a studio to achieve the best possible results. We have spent hours in the studio over the digital restoration of the sound, to achieve the best possible results and to give you the chance to listen with pleasure.
For the Third time from this label, this new CD will come in a deluxe DIGIPACK, containing a collection of live unreleased photographs of the August season, with a wide spectrum of jumpsuits included.

Sound Sample: I’ve Lost You (September 4, 1970)

I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (September 7, 1970)

Both concerts are of high quality although they can`t quite match the powerhouse performances from mid August. 
Anyway, here Elvis bang out great renditions of That`s All Right, I’ve Lost You, I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (wonderful) , Polk Salad Annie or The Wonder Of You. If only the sound would be a bit better,.....anyway.....recommendable. (Ciscoking)