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The Elvis Files CD 1.1

The Elvis Files 1.1 The Elvis Files 1.1 The Elvis Files 1.1

 Title:   The Elvis Files CD 1.1 
 Label:   ? 
 Catalog Number:   none listed 
  Release Date:  2012 
  Recording Type:  Various 
 Location:  Various 
 Date:  Various 
 Sound:  Various 
  Track listing: 
01 Thats All Right (summer 1954 - WHBQ Red Hot & Blue Radio Broadcast)  
02 I Forgot To Remember To Forget (probably October 1st 1955 - Louisiana Hayride Live Broadcast)  
03 Hound Dog (from master tape source)  
04 Young And Beautiful (overdubbed - Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Ballet)  
05 One Night (overdubbed - Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Ballet)  
06 Frankfurt Special (overdubbed - Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Ballet)  
07 A Whistling Tune (Kid Galahad edited stereo master)  
08 This Is Living (Kid Galahad edited stereo master)  
09 Home Is Where The Heart Is (Kid Galahad edited stereo master)  
10 Riding The Rainbow (Kid Galahad edited stereo master)  
11 I Got Lucky (Kid Galahad edited stereo master)  
12 King Of The Whole Wide World (Kid Galahad edited stereo master)  
13 Youll Never Walk Alone (partial - 1960 home demos)  
14 If I Loved You (1960 home demos)  
15 The Lords Prayer / If I Loved You (reprise - 1960 home demos))  
16 I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder (1960 home demos)  
17 An Evening Prayer (partial - 1960 home demos))  
18 Make Believe (1960 home demos)  
19 She Wears My Ring (1960 home demos)  
20 Sweet Leilani (#1 -1960 home demos))  
21 Sweet Leilani (#2 -1960 home demos))  
22 Sweet Leilani (reprise -1960 home demos))  
23 Youll Never Walk Alone (Elvis at the piano - July 19th 1975, ES)  
24 Release Me (Columbia, SC, 18/02 -1977)  
25 Tryin To Get To You (Columbia, SC, 18/02-1977)  
26 Blue Christmas (Norman, OK, 26/03 -1977)  
27 Bossom Of Abraham / You Better Run (Alexandria, VA, 29/03 -1977)  
28 Mystery Train / Tiger Man (Saginaw, MI, 03/05 -1977)  
24 Cant Help Falling In Love (Saginaw, MI, 03/05 -1977)  
25 Polk Salad Annie (Toledo, OH, 23/04 -1977)  
26 Big Boss Man (Duluth, MN, 29/04 -1977)  
27 Bridge Over Troubled Water (Duluth, MN, 29/04 -1977)  
28 My Way (Chicago, Il, 01/05 -1977)  
  Notes:  Hound dog isn't from the master tape, only some computer work here. The master tape is still lost!
Overall a conglomeration of before released material.

Press note:
With The Elvis Files CD 1.1 CD, audiophile fans will like the great sounding stereo masters from Kid Galahad (The stereo masters as featured on the FTD album were muddied and with annoying added reverb) and Hound Dog is from a master tape source : You won't believe your ears! Also the Louisiana Hayride live broadcast on this CD is without any overdubs (the MRS label released this with a bass overdub from the original master).

The 1960 home demos presented on this CD are in stereo (with the exception of track 22). These recordings were recorded with two microphones.

You'll Never Walk Alone is an audience recording - on this CD in the best possible sound!

The 1977 live recordings all recorded from soundboard and once again in the best sound available!

The authenticity of the WHBQ broadcast is questionable but it's a very nice addition to this CD. Sun Studios sold this recording on cassettes in the late '80s. Also a very nice addition are the 3 overdubbed tracks from the Blue Suede Shoes ballet.