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The Graceland 1976 Masters

The Graceland 1976 Masters The Graceland 1976 Masters The Graceland 1976 Masters

 Title: The Graceland 1976 Masters 
 Label: Retro Audio 
 Label Number: SED 201181 
 Release Date: 2012 
 Recording Type: Studio 
 Location: Graceland 
 Date: 1976 
 Sound: Studio 
 Track Listing: 
01 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall   03:18
02 She Thinks I Still Care   03:51
03 The Last Farewell   04:04
04 Solitaire   04:41
05 Moody Blue   02:51
06 I”ll Never Fall In Love Again   03:45
07 For The Heart   03:23
08 Hurt   02:09
09 Danny Boy   03:59
10 Never Again   02:52
11 Love Coming Down   03:08
12 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain   03:43
13 It’s Easy For You   03:30
14 Way Down   02:39
15 Pleding My Love   02:52
16 He”ll Have To Go   04:33
Note:  Digipak release.

Press note:
Over the years, terms like ‘digitally remastered’ and ‘improved sound’ have become virtually meaningless, due to their overuse by the records labels, whose product more often than not does not really deliver in the audio department. Enter Retro Audio, a sound expert who has developed a remarkable new technique for improving the audio on vintage recordings. Retro Audio is not some guy fiddling around on a computer, he is the real deal, and some of his masterings currently in circulation in the Elvis world are creating quite a furore. Fans have expressed great surprise at what they are hearing, and have wondered how it is possible that Retro Audio was able to improve on even the best sources so far in such a significant way.

Hearing his audio work is like suddenly seeing a b&w photo in color; there is much more dept in the recording, more definition, Elvis’ voice reveals more details the results are nothing less than startling. Retro Audio has now turned his attention to Elvis’ most misunderstood work, the Graceland sessions from 1976, and this is arguably his finest audio work so far. Get ready to hear these recordings in a whole new light, as this remarkable procedure has breathed new life into these masters. Hear Elvis’ voice as you have never heard him before, it’s like you can almost reach out and touch him.

Get surprised by details you never heard before. If you buy only one Elvis CD this summer, then make sure that it’s this one, because this audiophile release will surprise you. Presented in a deluxe 2-wing digipack with relevant photos and session details, this is one release that you simply must hear!