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The Last Vegas Opening Night

The Las Vegas Opening Night - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Las Vegas Opening Night - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Las Vegas Opening Night - Elvis Presley Bootleg CDThe Las Vegas Opening Night - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

Title: The Last Vegas Opening Night
Label: Straight Arrow
Label Number: SA 2009-12A/B-02
Release Date: 2009
Recording Type: Live Audience Recording
Location: Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel
Date: December 2nd, 1976, Opening Night
Sound: Very Good !
Track Listing:
01 Also Sprach Zarathustra   01:11
02 C. C. Rider   04:07
03 I Got A Woman / Amen   10:23
04 Love Me   03:30
05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)   03:04
06 You Gave Me A Mountain   03:40
07 Jailhouse Rock   01:50
08 It's Now Or Never / Are You Sincere (excerpt)   03:38
09 All Shook Up   01:00
10 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   02:17
11 Dialogue / Don't Be Cruel (excerpt)   02:07
12 And I Love You So   03:27
13 I Just Can't Help Believin' (by request)   05:56
14 Fever   02:49
15 Softly As I Leave You 03:26
16 Polk Salad Annie   04:53
01 Band Introductions   03:26
02 Early Mornin' Rain   01:03
03 What'd I Say   00:55
04 Johnny B. Goode   00:54
05 Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt)   01:35
06 Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff)   01:46
07 Piano Solo (Tony Brown)   01:40
08 Electric Piano & Clavinet Solo (David Briggs)   01:14
09 Love Letters   03:28
10 School Days   00:57
11 Celebrity Introductions (Vikki Carr, Glen Campbell)   01:41
12 Hurt #1   02:18
13 Hurt #2   02:11
14 Hound Dog (with false start)   02:54
15 Hawaiian Wedding Song (with false start)   02:17
16 Dialogue   02:25
17 Blue Christmas   02:17
18 That's All Right, Mama   02:04
19 Bridge Over Troubled Water   04:49
20 Introduction of Vernon Presley   00:50
21 Can't Help Falling In Love   01:46
22 Closing Vamp   00:54
Notes: This is the last concert where Elvis sang "I Just Can't Help Believin". 
CD comes with a 16 page booklet.

Press note:
Straight Arrow label announced its 12th release near the end of April; a double CD with the famous December 2nd, 1976 Opening Night. Some fans are asking, “Why is this release delayed and will it ever see the daylight?”. The answer is very simple: Straight Arrow is here to give you the best possible quality. We originally intended to use a 1978 first generation copy for this release, simply because we figured that the original tape was no longer around or could no longer be traced. But then, as the project was almost near completion, our search for the original tape finally paid off, and we got in touch with the person who recorded the concert and owns the original 120-minute master tape. The sound fidelity and overall quality of this tape is FAR superior to any copy in circulation, and unlike these copies is also 100% complete!

The negotiations took some time, but we came to an agreement, and the Straight Arrow team is now working its magic on the original tape. We can assure you that you will be impressed when you hear this; one of the King’s finest ’76 concerts in a remarkably clear and dynamic sound. The person who recorded the show also wrote the liner notes, a unique eye-witness perspective from a person who was THERE and describes the show in fascinating detail.

Excerpts from the sleeve notes:

"There was a surprise then, as Elvis decided to sing "I Just Can't Help Believin'", creating pure magic and getting
well-deserved applause. The mood changed completely: "Fever" was as sexy as ever, as Elvis, did exaggerated leg movements in the red spotlight. Charlie brought out a blue chair, but Elvis refused it, and began to tell the poignant
story that led into "Softly As I Leave You". A pulsating intro could only mean one thing - "Polk Salad Annie".
Elvis moved to the funky new arrangement and the heavy rock beat, raising excitement levels in the showroom."

"The show - probably the second longest of Elvis's career - was drawing to a close. Elvis treated the audience to a fine "Bridge Over Troubled Water", introduced his father, thanked the crowd "for making this opening night really fantastic", and, ignoring requests for yet more songs, began "Can't Help Falling In Love". The-usual scarf-and-kiss routine drew many fans to the edge of the stage. Two tiny girls in blue dresses were put up onto the stage. Elvis acknowledged
the crowd's ovation before disappearing under the descending gold curtain. He'd never be quite as dynamic again during the 12-day season, but it had been an opening night to remember - over 100 Magic Minutes."


Sound Sample: I Just Can't Help Believin'
Concert: This show stands out as one of the best from this Vegas season which had its ups and downs. Without any doubt Elvis was in high spirits at this special opening night and the result is really o.k. He tries his best to please the crowd and even includes the rare I Just Can`t Help Believing which he had sung some 5 years ago for the last time. A top notch show with many highlights and an excellent setlist. So lean back and enjoy over 100 minutes of Elvis entertainment pure ! (Ciscoking)