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The Ultimate Performance

The Ultimate Performance - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Ultimate Performance - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Ultimate Performance - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

Title: The Ultimate Performance
Label: unkown
Label Number: none
Release Date: 2013
recording Type: Live Recordings
Location: Various
Date: Various
Sound: Multitrack
  Track Listing:  
01 Also Sprach Zarathustra   04:07
02 See See Rider   02:05
03 Blue Suede Shoes   02:12
04 Johnny B. Goode   02:40
05 Are You Lonesome Tonight?   03:27
06 Never Been To Spain   02:05
07 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me   02:24
08 The Impossible Dream   01:47
09 An American Trilogy   04:27
10 In The Ghetto   02:56
11 Suspicious Minds   07:04
12 Love Me   01:41
13 Burning Love   03:06
14 Words   02:36
15 Polk Salad Annie   02:54
16 I Can't Stop Loving You   02:41
17 Can't Help Falling In Love   02:37

Reprint of an official K-Tel LP from 1981. The content was taken from the live albums "In Person", "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden" and  "Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite"

Press note:
In another tie in with RCA / K-Tel Records the live compilation 'The Ultimate Performance' was released in the UK in 1981. This album featured live tracks from the albums 'Elvis In Person', 'Elvis Live On Stage At Madison Square Garden', and 'Aloha From Hawaii' edited together to make it sound like one complete concert. The album was TV advertised using clips from the 'Aloha' special. Once again it made the album charts, and it became a huge seller. The original album with it's beautiful painted front sleeve, was never released on CD.

Until now !

Using the latest masters and mixed just like the original album, this is indeed Elvis' Ultimate Performance CD release! Housed in a beautiful 3-panel digipak, this classic K-TEL release is now available on silver pressed CD, for the very first time.

Liner notes:
When Elvis Presley returned to the live cabaret in 1969 a new Presley walked onto the showroom stage at the Las. Vegas International Hotel. Elvis was now backed by a large orchestra fronted by Bob Morris - 'complete with strings, brass and a session band of America's finest musicians, Messrs Burton, Tutt, Wilkinson, and Scheff. Vocal support was on hand from the Imperials, the Sweet Inspirations, and Millie Kirkham. The performances on this album were recorded during three events which meant most to Elvis. Our selections include. songs from the final week of his first Las Vegas season in August 1969, Elvis' June 10th 1972 show at Madison Square Garden, New York, and a 1973 Hawaiian concert. The latter was an entertainment landmark. On 14th January that year Elvis Presley's image and voice were simultaneously beamed around the world by communications satellites to a quarter of the world's television population. For the New York and Honolulu concerts Elvis was supported on stage by the Joe Guercio Orchestra and additional vocals were courtesy of J.D. Sumner & the Stamps, the Sweet Inspirations- and Kathy Westmoreland-his now regular Las Vegas line up. '

Glen Hardin had joined the line up, and as usual Charlie Hodge busked on guitar whilst handing his master the occasional drinks, and the odd scarf which after mopping his brow was tossed into an eager sea of hands protruding from the 20,000 strong audience. ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA - the title theme from "2001-A Space Odyssey" had become an opener for many Las Vegas artists. Presley too liked the dramatic score so much that he made it one of his programme trade Marks. SEE SEE RIDER, BLUE SUEDE SHOES, and JOHNNY B GOODE left the audience in no doubt that at least Elvis Presley was on stage. ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT was perhaps expected, but the three Madison Square Garden performances, NEVER BEEN TO SPAIN, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME, and IMPOSSIBLE DREAM were surprising choices though performed to perfection. After these numbers no one need ever doubt Presley 's vocal ability.

AMERICAN TRILOGY became an Elvis Fans' Anthem especially following his untimely death. IN THE GHETTO, SUSPICIOUS MINDS and BURNING LOVE were all hit singles for Elvis and -the song LOVE ME comes originally from the movie score of his first picture "Love Me Tender". The Bee Gee's number WORDS is beautifully performed and nicely arranged.

Remember when listening to this album that there's no- studio wizardery here - all the tracks were recorded live. POLK SALAD ANNIE is still one of the most sensual performances ever to be cut on record, and the following number I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU gave Elvis the opportunity to unwind after the previous exhilarating performance. Presley carefully thought out his running order. With all good things coming to an end the audience were conditioned with the opening strains of CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE that this was "their" last number with Elvis - he never gave an encore...he didn't have to - he had performed his very best, and there was nothing left for him to do.