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The U.S. Male

The US Male The US Male The US Male

Title: The U.S. Male
Label: Oldies But Goodies Records
Label Number: OBG 115011
Release Date: 2010
recording Type: Studio
Location: Various
Date: Various
Sound: Studio
  Track Listing:  
01 U.S. Male    
02 We'll Be Together    
03 It's A Matter Of Time    
04 Almost In Love    
05 Let's Forget About The Stars    
06 My Little Friend    
07 If I'm A Fool ( For Loving You )    
08 I'll Take Love    
09 Today, Tomorrow And Forever    
10 Let's Be Friends    
11 No More    
12 Burning Love    
13 Ive Got A Thing About You Baby (spliced take*)    
14 Memories (alternate vocal track)    
15 They Remind Me Too Much of You (take 7)    
16 Youll Think of Me (spliced take*)    
17 Almost (take 11)    
18 You Asked Me To (undubbed alternate mix *)    
19 Good Time Charlies Got the Blues (spliced take*)    
20 Im Leavin  (spliced take*)    

Reprint of the Camde LP from 1975 (cover art work / tracks 1 - 12)
All *spliced takes are self-made creations by the producer.