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Trying To Get To Memphis

Trying To Get To..Memphis , Special Deluxe 10 Years Anniversary Edition - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Trying To Get To..Memphis , Special Deluxe 10 Years Anniversary Edition - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

Trying To Get To..Memphis , Special Deluxe 10 Years Anniversary Edition - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title: Trying To Get To..Memphis , Special Deluxe 10 Years Anniversary Edition 
 Label: SR Records 
 Label Number: none 
 Release Date: 2015 
 Recording Type: Live Audience Recording 
 Location: Las Vegas / Nevada 
 Date: August 16, 1971 -  Midnight Show 
 Sound: Good 
 Track Listing: 
01 Also Sprach Zarathustra   00:57
02 Thatís All Right   02:16
03 Proud Mary   02:40
04 Love Me Tender ( false start)   00:41
05 Love Me Tender   02:10
06 Sweet Caroline   02:24
07 Polk Salad Annie   04:12
08 Instrumental   00:55
09 Johnny B Goode   01:39
10 Itís Impossible   03:04
11 Love Me   02:35
12 Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On   01:56
13 Teddy Bear / Donít Be Cruel   01:51
14 Hound Dog (spoken intro )   00:44
15 Hound Dog   01:12
16 Suspicious Minds   05:45
17 Band Introductions   01:59
18 Iím Leavin   03:21
19 Lawdy Miss Clawdy   01:44
20 Help Me Make It Through The Night   02:26
21 Mystery Train/ Tiger Man   02:46
22 Canít Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp   02:37
23 Intro (Opening night)      01:49
24 Jailhouse Rock (August 10 DS)      01:43
25 You Donít Have To Say You Love Me ( August 10 DS)      01:59
26 Youíve Lost That Loviní Feeling (August 12 MS)      04:21
27 Itís Over (August 12 MS)      02:19
28 Heartbreak Hotel (August 14 MS)      01:49
29 I Donít Want to Sing These Songs/Hound Dog (August 12 MS)      01:49
30 I Need Your Love Everyday (August 14 MS)      00:21
31 Bridge Over Trouble Water (August 14 MS)      05:48
32 I Canít Stop Loving You (part) (Opening night)   01:30
 Note:  Double LP release with bonus CD.

Press announcement
To be released soon from SR label his first special combo LP & CD, featuring a special deluxe edition of the first label release TRYING TO GET TO..MEMPHIS. In 2005 this show has been the first release of the SR records, for the label 10 years anniversary the producers decided to reprint THIS SUPER SHOW in double vinyl set with a new remastered audio!!SR label is proud to delivery an incredible update of his first release, one of the best show from the August 1971 season. This will be perfect Gift for the next Christmas.

August 11, 1971 DS is the fifth show of the second annual Elvis Summer Festival. From The August 1971 season there is no any soundboarding recording available...the dinner show of August 11 is the closest thing, ...second our personal view..even better, because together a superb audio quality, we have the best and varied Elvisí performance of the season. This season shows very well that Elvis has widen his musical range in many ways, giving view of a larger spectrum to his musical performance. Talking about show, what we can say! surely Elvis delivery an Explosive mix between high energetic songs as Proud Mary, Johnny B. Goode, Polk Salad Annie or the oldies Hound Dog and Lawdy Miss Clawdy together power pop ballad like You Donít have to Say You Love Me and Itís impossible. Talking about best song is always very hard, however in this case Elvis gives us a hand..after a rare an impromptu version of Memphis Tennessee no too rehearsed, but complete a voice come from the audience ďYou are good Elvis, but your band plays too loudĒ . Elvis replied immediately by saying ďCome on man your ears are too oldĒ. After that Elvis gives life to the first complete and probably best version of ď Tryiní To Get To YouĒ. Elvisí voice reaches a level of unexpended energy, in the same time that band really kicked on the tune, an unbelievable performance for this great show.

The August 16,1971 ms, is taken directly from a first generation tape. This is a previously unreleased recording.The sound was restored in matter to remove the background noise and preserving Elvisí voice, trying to achieve best possible results. The band, sounds incredibly clear and tight ,giving to the show a pure rock feeling .This companion cd gives us the possibility to listen the evolution of the Elvisí show at the begin of the engagement second week. The combination of a solid audio and solid show is going to match with the August 11, ds show. Although respect August 11, the show is shorter ( about 50 min.) we have the inclusion of two songs rarely performed in the season: the new Help Me Through The Night and the classic Mystery Train. Without doubt a interesting show that reflect well the standard of the season. As bonus tracks we included 9 songs performeded from the the opening night to August 14, no present in the tracklisting of the companion cd.

This set will be presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with six interior panels of 300 grams, giving form to a final package of an incredible view and thick 600 gram. Inside these interior multiple panel you can see all the development studies of the graphic works that 10 years ago gave life to the final booklet and naturally all the info of the audio included in the set.

To give more The set will be accompanied , together a 16 pages of booklet 21x21 cm sized..where we analyzed the August 1971 season from the opening night to August 16. Including reviews, newspapers clip, imports released and photos.

As final bonus has been a super sized poster 31x62 cm and two little flyers of the same.

Each copy will be individually sealed.


Weight of each single set is : 635 grams

We always tryiní to give more, We hope of this new release will be a real great update of your Elvisí live show collection.

LP Tracks:
Side A 01 . Introduction 02 . Thatís All Right Mama 03 . Proud Mary 04 . You Donít Have To Say You Love Me 05 . Sweet Coroline 06 . Polk Salad Annie
Side B 07 . Introductions 08 . Johnny B. Goode 09 . Itís Impossible 10 . Love Me 11 . Blue Suede Shoes/Whole Lotta Shakiní Goiní On 12 . Heartbreak Hotel 13 . Teddy Bear/Donít Be Cruel 14 . Talking Intro Hound Dog
Side C 15 . Memphis Tennessee 16 . Trying To Get To You 17 . Suspicious Minds 18 . Band Introduction 19 . Iím Leaving
Side D 20 . Lawdy Miss Clawdy 21 . Impossible Dream 22 . Bridge Over Troubled Water 23 . Canít Help Falling In Love

Poster and announcement flyer::

Trying To Get To..Memphis , Special Deluxe 10 Years Anniversary Edition - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD  Trying To Get To..Memphis , Special Deluxe 10 Years Anniversary Edition - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD


  Sound Sample:  Love Me
  Concert: The midnight show from August 16, 1971 debuts on silver disc here. Since it was taken from the cd-r floating around in collectors circles for ages now the sound has to be taken with reservations. The concert is not bad with highlights like Thatís All Right, Polk Salad Annie, Help Me Make It Through The Night or Mystery Train/ Tiger Man. (Ciscoking)