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Wild Tiger At The Hilton 3

Wild Tiger At The Hilton 3 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Wild Tiger At The Hilton 3 Wild Tiger At The Hilton 3

 Title: Wild Tiger At The Hilton 3 
  Label: MxF Records 
  Label Number: none listed 
  Release Date: 2011 
  Recording Type: Live Audience Recording 
  Location: Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel 
  Date: February 06, 1974. Dinner Show. 
 Sound: good 
  Track Listing:  
01 Intro     00:18  
02 Se See Rider     02:19  
03 I Got A Woman / Amen     03:58  
04 Love Me     01:33  
05 Trying To Get To You     02:01  
06 Sweet Caroline     02:12  
07 Love Me Tender     01:36  
08 Johnny B. Good     01:41  
09 Hound Dog     00:51  
10 Fever     02:51  
11 Polk Salad Annie     03:04  
12 Killing Me Softly (by Voice)     02:51  
13 Spanish Eyes     03:16  
14 Why Me Lord?     02:46  
15 Suspicious Minds (part.)     01:49  
16 Band Introduction     00:55  
17 Release Me     02:00  
18 Help Me     02:29  
19 An American Trilogy     03:43  
20 Let Me Be There     02:41  
21 Can't Help Falling Love     01:38  
22 Closing Vamp     00:18  
23 My Baby Left Me     02:11  
24 You'Ve Lost The Loving Feeling     04:08  
25 Rock Medley     02:55  
26 I Can't stop Loving You     02:26  
  Notes:  Tracks 23 - 26 recorded in Las Vegas, January 28, 1974 MS.

Digipack release.
For the first time released on silver disc, copied from the CD-R floating around in collectors circles.

Press note:
The MxF label will release soon the third volume of “Wild Tiger at The Hilton" featuring the unreleased Vegas February 06, 1974 Dinner Show.

After almost five months of rest, Elvis back to the Hilton in better shape and stronger respect the previous season. For this reason his performance is superb, still at the top if his ability he deliveries short shows, but very intense, there is a freshness that cannot be denied, Elvis was very energetic on stage, full of enthusiasm he sang with power and sensitivity, delivering a solid and heartfelt repertoire like the “new” songs “Spanish Eyes, Help me and Let Me Be There recent hit from Olivia Newton-John” and the classic “Trying to Get To You” sang terrifically.

At the same time he introduce the oldie “My Baby Left me” without forget two classic early 70’ songs like Release Me and Sweet Caroline and as you can see from the track list the number of the classic oldies in the show are significant reduced. This season will be the first with the new agreement , Elvis signed two years of contract performed twice a year, but only two weeks at the time rather than the previous four.


  Concert:  Good show with interesting setlist. Elvis isn`t very talkative, he is more focussed on the music. The crowd was well pleased and so will be you after having listened to this concert. (Ciscoking).


  Sound Sample:  Spanish Eyes