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Because Of Love Vol.2

Because Of Love Vol.2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Because Of Love Vol.2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Because Of Love Vol.2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title:  Because Of Love Vol.2  
  Label:  Memory Records  
 Label Number:  MR 2011-2 
  Release Date:  October 2000 
 Recording Type: Studio Recordings and Outtakes 
 Location: Various 
 Date: Various 
 Sound: Studio 
  Track listing: 
01 I'm Falling In Love Tonight (take 7) 01:50
02 Big Love Big Heartache 02:00
03 Starting Today 02:06
04 Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce 01:33
05 I Met Her Today 02:44
06 What Every Woman Lives For (take 8) 02:28
07 It Hurts Me 02:29
08 Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (take 11) 01:57
09 All That I Am 02:17
10 Where You Come From 02:07
11 Please Don't Stop Loving Me (take 3) 02:12
12 The Lady Loves Me 03:44
13 A World Of Our Own 02:16
14 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 02:53
15 Today, Tomorrow And Forever 03:25
16 Kismet 02:11
17 Sand Castles 03:00
18 There's Gold In The Mountains 01:55
19 Forget Me Never 01:37
20 Puppet On A String 02:42
21 Riding The Rainbow 01:40
22 They Remind Me Too Much Of You (take 7) 02:29
23 Tomorrow Night (overdubb version) 02:38
    Liner notes: The second part of our collection brings more of relatively less known songs from Elvis repertoire.
Most of them appeared previously on different movie soundtrack LP's, often in a company of songs of very mediocre quality.
Our aim is to select "crême de la crême" from movie years and offer to Elvis fans all over the world a nice collection of romantic songs.
Like we did as on "Because Of Love" volume 1, we decided to include for Elvis collectors some different alternate takes of well known recordings.
Also included is a relatively rare version of Elvis' 50's song "Tomorrow Night", currently available on one CD only.
Fans will be delighted to find out, many of the tracks (even master takes) were again digitally remastered to satisfy today's standards.
(Pavel Černocký - President of Elvis Presley Fan Club, Czech Republic)