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For Movie Fans Only Vol.1

For Movie Fans Only Vol.1- Elvis Presley Bootleg CD For Movie Fans Only Vol.1- Elvis Presley Bootleg CD For Movie Fans Only Vol.1- Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title:   For Movie Fans Only Vol.1 
 Label:   Memory Records 
 Catalog Number:   MR 2015-2 
  Release Date:  January 8th - 2001 
  Recording Type:  Movie Sound 
 Location:  various 
 Date:  various 
 Sound:  Studio 
  Track listing: 

Jailhouse Rock:

01 Jailhouse Rock (intro) 01:21
02 Jailhouse Rock 02:57
03 Don't Leave Me Now 01:30
04 Don't Leave Me Now #2 01:26
05 Young And Beautiful 02:20

Loving You:

06 Loving You 01:24
07 Got A Lot A Livin' To Do #1 01:43
08 Party 01:13
09 Loving You 01:46
10 Hot Dog 01:21
11 Loving You 01:45
12 Party / Teddy Bear / Got A Lot A Livin' To Do / Hot Dog 01:59
13 Got A Lot A Livin' To Do #2 01:39

King Creole:

14 Intro / Crawfish 04:08
15 King Creole 02:09
16 As Long As I Have You 02:06


17 G.I.Blues 02:33
18 Frankfort Special 02:24
19 Shoppin' Around 01:45
20 Tonight Is So Right For Love 02:22
21 Wooden Heart 02:05
22 Pocketful Of Rainbows 02:39
23 Didja' Ever 03:16

Flaming Star:

24 Flaming Star 02:15
25 A Cane And High Starched Collar 01:45

Wild In The Country:

26 I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Feel 00:59
27 Husky Dusky Day 00:44
28 In My Way 01:20

Blue Hawaii:

29 Blue Hawaii 02:36
30 Almost Always True 01:53
31 Aloha Oe 01:54
32 No More 01:42
33 Can't Help Falling In Love 01:59
34 Rock-A-Hula Baby 01:57
35 Moonlight Swim 01:36
36 Ito East / Slicin' Sand 02:47
37 Beach Boy Blues 02:01
38 Hawaiian Wedding Song 02:56
 Notes:   Original movie sound.recordings.

Liner notes by Pavel Cernocky:
Getting together "FOR MOVIE FANS ONLY !" was probably more than just "a labour of love", it was more like a sort of "slavery of love". Endless hours of listening to old movie soundtracks, checking sound quality and comparing how different the movie version really is. Overall material from Elvis movies from the period 1956 1965 would probably fill about eight CDs or so. That was obviously too much, as many movie versions are virtually identical to the record versions, with only some handclapping and cheers added. Releasing all this material would probably make a somewhat boring series of CDs. So we decided after some long discussions to include only the truly interesting versions, the ones with extra orchestrations (some of which are actually alternate takes) as well as memorable dialogue. The movies are not included here proportionally for obvious reasons. In some of them you'll find only a few really interesting versions, and in others a whole lot. ln this Volume 1 you won't find anything from Elvis' first movie "Love Me Tender" as everything interesting was previously released on the updated BMG "Jailhouse Rock" CD. But not the same applies to "Loving You". This film was packed with some very different versions. Songs from "King Creole" are mostly not really different, but this CD would not be complete without that outstanding opening version of "Crawfish". And then came "G.I.Blues", a commercial blockbuster. And. nearly every song sounds different. Lots of effort was put in this one. Just listen to swinging "Frankfort Special", or the totally different version of "Shoppin' Around". The full version of "Wooden Heart" will surely please any Elvis fan. Not much music was used for "Flaming Star", and the same goes for "Wild In The Country", but you'll probably agree that it's good to have "Husky Dusky Day" in your collection in the best possible sound-quality so far. Another masterpiece was "Blue Hawaii". Again, many different versions, and a couple of memorable lines from the movie on top of that. Needless to say, again all of songs were carefully digitally remastered to a sound-quality never heard before. And I am sure every fan will appreciate the fast that every CD in this series is really packed with music, containing highlights from 6 to 7 movies. After first hearing the roughly collected material, I was surprised how enjoyable the result sounded - hope you will agree with me.