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For Movie Fans Only Vol.2

For Movie Fans Only Vol.2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD For Movie Fans Only Vol.2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD For Movie Fans Only Vol.2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title:   For Movie Fans Only Vol.2 
 Label:   Memory Records 
 Catalog Number:   MR 2016-2 
  Release Date:  January 8th - 2001 
  Recording Type:  Movie Sound 
 Location:  various 
 Date:  various 
 Sound:  Excellent 
  Track listing: 

Follow That Dream :

01 I'm Not The Marrying Kind 01:48
02 Sound Advice 01:23
03 On The Top Of Old Smokey 00:18

Kid Galahad :

04 King Of The Whole Wide World 02:13
05 This Is Living 01:06
06 Riding The Rainbow 00:49
07 I Got Lucky 00:31

Girls! Girls! Girls! :

08 Girls! Girls! Girls! 02:13
09 A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You 01:12
10 Earth Boy 01:36
11 Thanks To The Rolling Sea 01:19
12 Song Of The Shrimp 02:23
13 The Walls Have Ears 02:24
14 Dainty Little Moonbeams / Girls! Girls! Girls! 02:34

It Happened At The World's Fair :

15 Beyond The Bend 01:48
16 Take Me To The Fair 01:27
17 Cotton Candy Land 01:25
18 One Broken Heart For Sale 02:09
19 How Would You Like To Be 03:13
20 Happy Ending 02:23

Fun In Acapulco :

21 Fun In Acapulco 02:12
22 Vino, Dinero, Y Amor 01:13
23 I Think I.M Gonna Like It Here 01:46
24 Mexico 02:09
25 (There's No) Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car 01:22
26 Guadalajara 03:07

Kissin' Cousins :

27 Kissin' Cousins 01:14
28 There's Gold In The Mountains 01:54
29 Barefoot Ballad 02:07
30 Kissin' Cousins (reprise) 02:25

Viva Las Vegas :

31 Viva Las Vegas 02:28
32 Come On Everybody 02:27
33 Today Tomorrow And Forever 01:20
34 The Climb (By Forte Four) 01:35
35 What'd I Say 02:48
  Notes:  Original movie sound recordings.

Liner notes by Pavel Cernocky:
In this second part of our series we get deeper into the sixties. The quality of the movies went gradually down the drain, but not necessarily the quality of the film music. The songs in "Follow That Dream" were superb. but for many years we' ve missed a different version of "Sound Advice" and also the short version of the traditional "On The Top Of Old Smokey". Already an opening song in "Kid Galahad"- "King Of The Whole Wide World" with extra instruments is a real pleasure. The same can be said about "Riding The Rainbow", that had to be specially edited for this CD. There's lots of interesting stuff to be found in "Girls!, Girls!, Girls!" and also in "It Happened At The World's Fair". Who can forget the totally different "truck" version of "Take Me To The Fair"? Elvis collectors have been looking for years for good quality versions of some of the "Fun In Acapulco" songs, specifically the "duet" version of "Mexico", and "There's No Room For Rhumba In A Sports Cars". Even in "Kissin' Cousins", in my humble opinion one of the most horrible movies that Elvis ever made, we can find some interesting versions. Finally there is "Viva Las Vegas" with Ann Margret. an unforgettable version of "Come On Everybody", an equally memorable mix of "Today, Tomorrow And Forever" and "What'd I Say" with the charming "The Climb" in between with "guest stars" The Forte Four. Hope you'll enjoy this one too!