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For Movie Fans Only Vol. 3

For Movie Fans Only Vol.3 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD For Movie Fans Only Vol.3 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD For Movie Fans Only Vol.3 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title:   For Movie Fans Only Vol.3 
 Label:   Memory Records 
 Catalog Number:   MR 2017-2 
  Release Date:  January 8th - 2001 
  Recording Type:  Movie Sound 
 Location:  various 
 Date:  various 
 Sound:  Studio 
  Track listing: 

Roustabout :

01 Roustabout 01:34
02 Poison Ivy League 02:00
03 Wheels On My Heels 01:04
04 It's Carnival Time 01:34
05 Little Egypt 02:34
06 Big Love Big Heartache 02:05
07 There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon 02:15

Girl Happy :

08 Girl Happy 02:14
09 Spring Fever 01:50
10 Wolf Call 01:54
11 Puppet On A String 01:28
12 I've Got To Find My Baby 01:40
13 Girl Happy (reprise) 01:30

Tickle Me :

14 It's A Long Lonety Higway 02:22
15 Dirty, Dirty Feeling 01:31
16 Easy Question 01:43
17 Put The Blame On Me 01:55
18 I Feel That I've Known You Forever 01:24
19 Slowly But Surely 01:50

Harum Scarum :

20 Harem Holiday 01:25
21 Shake That Tambourine 01:57
22 Hey, Little Girl 02:21
23 Harem Holiday (reprise) 03:10

Frankie And Johnny :

24 Come Along 01:47
25 Petunia, The Gardener's Daughter 02:02
26 Chesay 01:32
27 Frankie And Johnny 05:56
28 Look Out Broadway 01:33
29 Everybody Come Aboard 01:26

Paradise Hawaiian Style :

30 Paradise Hawaiian Style 02:04
31 Queenie Wahine's Papaya 01:45
32 Scratch My Back 02:32
33 Native Chant 00:53
34 Dating 01:34
35 A Dog's Life 02:00
36 House Of Sand 01:32
37 This Is My Heaven / Drums Of The Islands 04:51
    Original movie sound.

Liner notes by Pavel Cernocky:
Last Part of our trilogy also brings, we hope, some memorable stuff. The "Roustabout" movie was a routine job, but the music editing was professionally done. It's hard to highlight one particular version of a song, but all seven of our "movie versions" are interesting enough. Musically, a wonderful job was done on "Girl Happy". The duet version of "Spring Fever" is here, just like the totally different "Wolf Call". "Tickle Me" is a chapter for itself. The opening version of "Long Lonely Highway" with an extra orchestration is a gem. And who could resist our again specially edited version of "Dirty Dirty Feeling"? Maximum effort was done to obtain the best possible version of "I Feel That I've Known You Forever". In this, in some respects very cheap movie, they had to fiddle around a lot with already existing recordings, but in some cases the result is really interesting. "Harem Holiday" was musically nothing to write home about...but you will surely note, that some, otherwise boring tracks, somehow get a new, interesting dimensions when you listen to them on this CD. Even if "Frankie And Johnny" was not too exciting either, again some tracks sounded very different in the movie (not mentioning the odd version of "Chesay"). Also, we believe it's good to have the complete production version of the title song on CD. The "duet" version of "Petunia" has some charm, and the same can be said about the typical "musical" number "Look Out Broadway". "Blue Hawaii, Vol. 2" "Paradise Hawaiian Style" is arguably more appreciated by Elvis fans now, after all those years, than when it entered the cinemas the first time. We believe Elvis fans will welcome the duet versions of "Queenie Wahine's Papaya" and "Scratch My Back". Also included is an infectious little number, that we called "Native Chant" you'll know what I mean. The edited version of "House Of Sand" is here, and also a memorable mix of "This Is My Heaven/ Drums Of The Island". Not everyone was a believer in the beginning, but judge for yourself, and listen to these CDs with an open mind. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.