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The Best Of Blue Hawaii Sessions

The Best Of Blue Hawaii Sessions- Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Best Of Blue Hawaii Sessions- Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title:   The Best Of Blue Hawaii Sessions 
 Label:   Memory Records 
 Catalog Number:   MR 2010-2 
  Release Date:  October 2000 
  Recording Type:  Studio Outtakes 
 Location:  Radio Recorders, Hollywood 
 Date:  March 21 / 22, 1961 
 Sound:  Studio 
  Track listing: 
01 Hawaiian Sunset (take 1) 02:35
02 Aloha Oe (takes 2,4,6) 02:28
03 Ku-U-I-Po (takes 2,4,6,8) 03:09
04 No More (takes 1-5,8) 08:33
05 Slicin' Sand (takes 15-18) 03:23
06 Blue Hawaii (takes 1-7) 11:26
07 Ito Eats (takes 1-3,6,8) 04:20
08 Hawaiian Wedding Song (take 1) 02:57
09 Island Of Love (takes 1-3,5-7,9,11,12) 07:05
10 Steppin' Out Of Line (takes 9-15) 04:17
11 Almost Always True (takes 1,2,4,5) 06:26
12 Moonlight Swim (takes 1,2) 03:50
13 Can't Help Falling In Love (movie version takes 1-5,7,14,15,17-20) 07:17
14 Can't Help Falling In Love (takes 27,28) 00:41
15 Beach Boy Blues (takes 1,2) 02:51
16 Rock-A-Hula Baby (takes 1-3) 03:49
  Bonus tracks:  
17 Presentation of award to Elvis. 01:19
18 Moonlight Swim (1961 unknown female vocal) 01:51
    From the liner notes:
The purpose of this CD is to show the best of the alternate versions and the studio banter between takes recorded during these March '61 sessions. We have chosen the most interesting alternate takes from each of 15 songs. In the case of the title song "Blue Hawaii" we have released the complete session - in the other words we have included all the takes that were recorded.

As we all know, Elvis arrived in Hawaii an March 25, 1961 to perform at Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbor in order to raise money for the USS Arizona Memorial. To remember this generous event we have included the presentation of awards to Elvis.
Hawaii had always been a special place in Elvis' heart. This CD is dedicated to all people who have special place in their heart for Elvis.