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The Early Years / Viva Las Vegas (54 minutes version)

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  Title: The Early Years / Viva Las Vegas (54 minutes version) 
  Catalog Number: BMG / none  
  Country: USA  
  Year: 2007  
Two new hours of music and conversation on two CD's that focus on distinct periods of Elvis' life and career. This RARE radio promotional special could have been aired as a two part special or individually two one hour radio specials.

Part One: The Early Years - Elvis grows from his childhood in Tupelo and Memphis to become the King of Rock & Roll, a threat to America's youth, an honorable soldier, serving his country,, and one of Hollywood's biggest film stars. Close friends (Jerry Schilling, Patty Parry) and historians (Pete Guralnick, Ernest Jorgensen) detail his earliest influences, struggles and successes, alongside Presley's own words and some of his best known recordings. As his popularity grew, he consistently earned more respect from those who initially objected. By the 1960's, Elvis was the ultimate symbol of goodness, thanks to his two years in the army and his dizzying productions schedule of 31 movies in eight years.

Part Two: Viva Las Vegas - Elvis Presley's elecrifying live performances ended with lucrative movie deals and schedules that left no time for concerts. Unhappy with Hollywood, he returned to the stage with the "1968 Comeback TV Special" and a legendary string of Las Vegas concerts that succeeded on many levels. Unfortunately, the 24-hour casino culture took a toll on Elvis and his growing demons. Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers and Presley's back-up singer, Cissy Houston, join the above mentioned individuals with insightful comments on Elvis and the impact of his Las Vegas years


Part of the Joyride Media Elvis Presley - Three Part Series (Elvis: Viva Las Vegas / Elvis: The Early Years / Elvis Presley - He Touched Me: Elvis' Gospel Music) for radio promotion  around August 16, 2007 - the 30th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

There are 2 versions of this one. The main differances are: A 54 minutes version and different writing on the disc.
This one is 5 min. shorter because they used only 2 commercial spots.