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Burning Love - Media Sampler


 Title: Burning Love - Media Sampler 
 Catalog Number: PROCD21252 
 Matrix Number: 6121003908  
 Year: 2002 
 Value: 100  
 Description: Contents: Burning Love (30 #1 HITS version)

Issued in 2002 by BMG Australia to promote the 30 #1 Hits release in Australia.

This 1 track CD is presented without any artwork whatsover.  It was issued to the AUSTRALIAN MEDIA ONLY.  This is a critical difference from most other promo CDs as it was not given to any retail outlets but only to select radio stations and some TV stations.  The CD itself is silver background with black print.  At the top in bold letters it states: "Burning Love Elvis Presley".  In brackets, it says: "Remastered in Super Elvis Digital".  On the left side of the spindle hole, we have the BMG Australia logo.  On the right side, it reads: "Elvis 30 #1 Hits. Released 23rd September 2002".  At the bottom of the disc, we have the "16th August 2002 25th Anniversary" logo.  In additon, the famous "For Promotional Use Only.  Not For Sale. PROCD21252" warning.  This is one of the rarest sampler cd's worldwide.  There are very few  in circulation.