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ELV1S 30 #1 Hits - Air Canada


 Title:  ELV1S 30 #1 Hits - Air Canada 
 Catalog Number:  KSD1-52065 
 Matrix Number:  # 21002Z42 LT36 
 Year:  2002 
 Value: 80  
 Description:  Contents : Burning Love (remastered version) - Burning Love (original version 03/28/72) - Suspicious Minds (remastered version) - Suspicious Minds original version 01/22/69)

Issued in 2002 by BMG Canada to promote the "ELV1S - 30 #1 Hits".

Exclusively available in Air Canada Executive First/ Executive Class.

This promotional CD comes in a cardboard picture sleeve with a part of Elvis' face. The name Elvis is printed in white lettering except for the number 1 (gold lettering). Under the name is printed  "www.elvisnumberones.ca" in gold lettering aswell the Air Canda logo in white. The backside is gold colored with Elvis' name printed in white except the number 1 (black). The tracklisting is printed in white lettering. At the bottom is printed: "Not For Sale" and "If you paid for this product call CRIA Hotline 1-800-668-8820". In the middle is to fnd the Air Canada logo in white.
The cd itself is gold. Elvis' name is printed above the spin from the cd in white lettering except for the number 1 in his name (black lettering). At the right site is printed "Air Canada" in white color. Under the spin the following text is printed in black: "In Stores Now/En Magasin Maintenant".


by Barry McLean, Canada