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30 Years After Still Fresh And New


 Title:  30 Years After Still Fresh And New 
 Catalog Number:  none listed 
 Matrix Number:  30 YEARS AFTER STILL FRESH & NEW  [ifpi code is scratched out] 
 Year: 2007 
 Value: - 
 Description:  Issued in 2007 by BMG China (doubtful)

Content: Mystery Train - From A Jack To A King - Flaming Star - Little Sister - I Need You So - Patch It Up - What'd I Say - In The Ghetto - Hound Dog - It's Impossible - Way Down - Girl Of My Best Friend - I"m Leaving -You'll Think Of Me - Santa Lucia - I Shall Not Be Moved -Girls,Girls,Girls - Anyday Now - Take My Hand, Precious Lord - It's Your Baby,You Rock It - My Babe - Oh Happy Day - Just Call Me Lonesome - True Love - Stay Away Joe.

BMG China has done it again and so far has been the only country that has really and truly decided to promote the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' passing. The history behind this SPECIAL "PROMOTIONAL NOT FOR SALE EDITION CD" is VERY, VERY UNUSUAL from what we can gather from our sources. Apparently BMG CHINA had scheduled a special 2 CD set for the 30TH called 30 YEARS AFTER - FRESH AND NEW (NOTE: this is the correct title WITHOUT "STILL" included!). It was to contain 60 tracks with all of them REMASTERED and REMIXED and with possibly at least half of them either alternate takes or mastered so different that they sound like different takes. Unfortunately we do not know what the original song listings were ! As of this posting it is known that some (if not all of the 25 on this CD) fall into the "different" category. Anyway, apparently BMG U.S. decided to withdraw permission for the regular CD's release but some copies of the promo DID get out (source: e-mail).
 Note:  As to the most of China CDs, we cannot confirm the veracity of this release,
It is a strong indication that a CD is a fake, if the IFPI mould code (with this code you can identify the pressing plant) is scratched out. On no genuine CD the ifpi code is scratched out! Don't pay too much for it!