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70th Anniversary Promotional Campain


 Title:  70th Anniversary Promotional Campain 
 Catalog Number:   
 Matrix Number:   
 Year: 2005 
 Description:  Contents:
From "Love , Elvis": Trying To Get To You / For The Good Times / Can't Help Falling In Love
From "Loving You": Trying To Get To You / Blueberry Hill / I Need You So
From "Elvis Presley": Trying To Get To You / Money Honey / I'm Counting On You
From "Elvis": Trying To Get To You / Rip It Up / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

Issued in 2005 by BMG Asia to promote the 2005 DSD remastered cd's aswell the "Love , Elvis" commmercial cd release !

It apparently came out in early 2005 and was made by BMG (as it says on the back) "For Promotion in Hong Kong and Asia" !

 Additional Info:  This suposed to be the original frontcover of the 70th Anniversary Promotional Campain cd ! BMG Asia destroyed everything except a small quantities.


  Note: We are sorry, that we have not all information about this release. But we will not buy it, because we think it is a fake!
It is a strong indication that a CD is a fake, if the IFPI mould code (with this code you can identify the pressing plant) is scratched out. On no genuine CD the ifpi code is scratched out! Don't pay too much for it!