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Today, Tommorow & Forever


 Title:  Today, Tommorow & Forever 
 Catalog Number:  none listed  
 Year: 2009 
 Country: China 
 Description:  Issued in 2009 by BMG China

Could I Fall In Love - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello - There's So Much World To See - Please Don't Drag That String Around - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow - Finders Keepers, Loosers Weepers - Never Ending - Devil ln Disguise - Blue River - C'mon Everybody - Baby lfYou Give Me All Your Love - Today, Tomorrow & Forever

All songs are remixed!
Promotional Sampler Not For Sale appears on front and rear artworks, and also priinted on the disc.

  Note:  We are sorry, that we have not all information about this release. But we will not buy it, because we think it is a fake!
It is a strong indication that a CD is a fake, if the IFPI mould code (with this code you can identify the pressing plant) is scratched out (or no ifpi code is used). On no genuine CD the ifpi code is scratched out! Don't pay too much for it!
Distinctive features: On back is printed "BMG China 2009". As we all know, in 2009 the rightholder is Sony Music Entertainment, not BMG!