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A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs JXL

 Title: A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs JXL 
 Catalog Number: 74321 943222 
 Matrix Number: DISCTRONICS     74321943222 01 
 Year: 2002 
 Value: 15 € 
 Description: Contents : A Little Less Conversation (Remix) – Radio Edit.

Issued in 2002 by BMG EU to promote the new “A Little Less Conversation” remix buy JXL.

This 1 track CD comes in a slim jewel case. The front cover of the insert is identical to the commercial single. The back of the insert is identical to the rear cover of the commercial release , however , only one track is listed instead of the regular three. In addition , the warning “For promotional use only - Not for sale” is also printed at the bottom of the rear insert. The BMG and RCA logos are also printed. A white sticker is present on the back of the jewel case stating the release date of the commercial CD single. The background of the CD is gray and reassembles a soccer ball. The “Elv1s VS JXL” logo is printed across the entire CD. The title of the CD and credits are printed around the CD label. The CD also contains the BMG / RCA logos. In addition , the famous “For promotional use only - Not For Sale” phrase is also printed on the right side of the CD label.