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Rockin' Presley - BMG Inhouse Gift

 Title:  Rockin' Presley - BMG Inhouse Gift 
 Catalog Number: EPA 9500 (74321 73348 2) 
 Matrix Number:  A-21182/4321733482 A 
 Year: 1999 
 Value: 180 € 
 Description: Contents : Hound Dog - Don’t Be Cruel - I Want You , I Need You , I Love You - Heartbreak Hotel.

Issued in 1999 by BMG Germany as an In-House promotion.

This 4 track promo CD is presented in a cardboard sleeve. The entire sleeve is a replica of the original “Rockin’ Presley” EP issued in Germany by RCA in winter of 1956. Also , as the original release , the sleeve opening is at the top versus the regular side opening. The CD itself is black and replicates the original label of the original EP from 1956. It is interesting to note , that nowhere on the sleeve or CD does it state that this is a promotional release. It has been rumored that only 20 copies have been issued by BMG. It is a very rare and unusual CD release indeed. Grab it while you can !