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White Christmas - BMG Inhouse Gift

 Title:  White Christmas - BMG Inhouse Gift 
 Catalog Number: 07863 679592 
 Matrix Number:  A-40360/7863679592 A IFPI LB 46 IFPI 0779 
 Year: 2000 
 Description: Contents : Identical to the commercially released CD version.

Issued in 2000 by BMG Entertainment Strategic Catalogue Marketing.

This 25 track CD comes in a cardboard picture sleeve. The CD was presented to BMG Executives and pressed as a limited edition of 500 copies.
Technically this is not a bona-fide promo CD. The content is identical to the commercially released “White Christmas” CD for the 2000 Holiday Season. The front picture of the sleeve is also identical to the front picture of the commercial CD release. The rear of the sleeve contains a color picture of a Santa Claus and a Snowman. On the left side it states : “Season’s Greetings from Elvis and All Of Us”. The sleeve also contains the BMG Entertainment - Strategic Catalogue Marketing logo. The CD itself is identical to the commercially released one – red background with white print. Nowhere on this release does it say : “Not For Sale -Promo Only”. Grab it if you come across one !
    Listed also in the BMG section "White Christmas"