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The Essential Elvis Presley - 2010

  Title:   The Essential Elvis Presley  
  Catalog number:   Sony Music 88697778392  
  Matrix number:   CD-1 : 4810 DIP 00008100199 88697778392 CD1 #100
CD-2 : 4810 DIP 00008100199 88697778392 CD2 100
  Year:   2010  
  Description:   Issued in 2010 by Sony Music Entertainment / Legacy to promote the upcoming CD.

Contents: Same as the commercial 2010 CD release.

This is an original BMG Thailand 2CD release. The CDs come in a regular 2 CD slim jewel case. The front cover shows the famous 1950ís portrait of Elvis. It is the same one as used on the 1997 Blockbuster 20th Anniversary Sampler Promo CD release from BMG USA. The artwork is almost the same as all the other worldwide versions of this release. The main difference is on the back cover. On the bottom of the back cover, it reads: 'BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (Thailand)'. Also, there is a drill hole trough the barcode indicating that this release is not for sale but for promotional use only. The Sony, Legacy and RCA logos are all printed in the bottom part of the back cover as on the original non-promotional release.

The discs have the same artwork as the original non-promotional ones. In addition, the famous 'Promotion Only - Not For Sale' phrase is printed around the spindle hole. All the corporate logos are also printed on the two discs. It also states that the discs are issued by BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (Thailand).