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35th Anniversary Concert

35th Anniversary Concert - Elvis Presley Promo CD 35th Anniversary Concert - Elvis Presley Promo CD 35th Anniversary Concert - Elvis Presley Promo CD

 Title:  Elvis 35th Anniversary Concert 
 Catalog Number:  88725460102 
 Matrix Number:  IFPI L329  DIDX-817963 1 A01  IFPI 5079 
 Year:  2012 
 Country; USA 
 Description:  Contents : Don't Be Cruel - If I Can Dream - Suspicious Minds - That's All Right (rec. live on June 10, 1972)

Issued in 2012 by Sony Music US for the Special Elvis 35TH Anniversary Concert in Memphis, Tennessee and to promote the "Prince From Another Planet" release.

This release is a part of a special package that was given to the attendees of the Special VIP Reception held on August 16th 2012 between 5pm and 5:30pm at the Fedex Forum in Memphis, Tennessee before the 35th Anniversary Concert. The event was hosted by Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley. The package included: VIP Badge, Color photo of the 2012 Elvis Presley In Concert Cast and Crew, 1970's Elvis Concert Memorabilia Retrospective Limited Edition Booklet, 2 Pin Up Buttons, 1 Hand held Aloha From Hawaii 40th Anniversary Celebration Fan and the Limited Edition Sampler CD. The Admission ticket to the reception was $300.00

The CD is presented in a paper sleeve. The front cover depicts the 35TH Anniversary Concert Logo, which was the Aloha From Hawaii pose. "Limited-Edition Sampler" phrase is printed across the bottom of the sleeve. The rear cover lists the 4 tracks contained on the release. It also contains an ad for the "Prince From Another Planet" release "Available October 2012". In addition, it also plugs the "Elvis.com" website "for more information about Elvis". The BMG and RCA logos are also printed. In addition, the “For Promotional Use Only - Not For Sale” phrase is also printed in capital white letters. This release does not contain the UPC barcodes on the back cover.

The CD design is very simple. It contains the logo of the "35TH Anniversary Concert" without the picture. It also contains the RCA and Sony Music logos. Strangely, it does not contain any of the usual "Not For Sale" warnings found on most of the Elvis promotional releases. (Greg Cieslik)