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 Title:  ELV1S 30 #1 HITS - MUSIC SAMPLER 
 Catalog Number:  RDJ 60619 -2 
 Matrix Number:  SONOPRESS USA  RDJ606192 + + BF836-01 IFPI LB48 IFPI 1083  
 Year:  2002 
 Country: USA 
 Value: 25  
 Description:  Contents : Burning Love A : B (sound comparison) - Burning Love (from ELV1S 30 #1 hits) - Suspicious Minds (from ELV1S 30 #1 hits)

The front cover shows us the famous picture from the half face of Elvis. Printed under that is the line : ELV1S - Music Sampler - 30 #1 hits in gold / white
On the backside of the inlay is listed :

Win a 7-day trip to Waikiki , Hawaii
Plus , a special ELVIS gift package !
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Under that is a small b/w picture of the commercially "Elvis 30 #1 HITS" cd release. The RCA / BMG logos as well the persons names who made the cd are listed here ! RDJ 60619-2 - Not For Sale is printed in the lower left corner of the inlay ! The cd itself is a gold colored disc. On the left side of the spin stands the name ELV1S - 30 #1 hits - Music Sampler written in b/w lettering. On the right side of the spin is listed the catalog number , the RCA / BMG logos as well the line : Not For Sale in black lettering. On the back cover you will see another small b/w picture of the commercial Elvis 30 no #1 hits and the praise : music sampler. Under that stands the tracklisting and a special line that reads : A special gift for First Class and Business Class costumers courtesy of RCA Records. Also the note that stands also on the backside of the inlay about the "Win a trip .............." , this all is written in white lettering. In gold lettering stands the catalog number aswell the praise "Not For Sale ". The RCA / BMG logos , American aswell the word DMX (NFLIGHT) are printed in the lower right corner in red / white lettering !