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Elvis Presley Interview Disk

Interview Disc (not for sale) BMG RJC 67857-2 - USA 1999 - Elvis Presley CD

 Title:  Elvis Presley Interview Disk 
 Catalog Number: RJC-67857-2 
 Matrix Number:  SONOPRESS USA RJC678572 + + 00449-01 IFPI L028 IFPI 1018 
 Year: 1999 
 Country: USA 
 Value: -- 
 Description: Contents : 1.Elvis T.V. Guide - Paul Wilder (part 1) 2.Elvis T.V. Guide - Paul Wilder (part 2) 3.Elvis T.V. Guide - Paul Wilder (part 3) 4.Elvis T.V. Guide - Paul Wilder (part 4) 5.Parker 6.Parker 7.Vernon and Gladys (Tupelo) 8.Elvis (Tupelo) 9.Was it by accident ? 10.Tell us about Gladys 11.What do you think...? 12.Do you enjoy your work ? 13.How do you relax ? 14.Do you have any time to read ? 15.Do you like yourself ? 16.Do you like to work ? 17.Would you do anything different ? 18.Do you think you've changed much? 19.If you had a child ?

Issued in 1999 by BMG/USA to promote "Red velvet 30 CD-box". The promo disc was also included in the box.

CD is silver with black text , in the middle / right of the CD is the cat.number and "Not For Sale" that is also written on the backcover. This CD was only available with the 30 CD box that came out in 1999. On the backcover you have the tracklisting , the RCA / BMG logo at bottom / right and in the middle.