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Out Of The Box

 Title:  Out Of The Box 
 Catalog Number: RDJ 62328-2 
 Matrix Number:  W.O. 76613-1   RDJ623282   DISC MFG, INC. (H) 
 Year: 1992 
 Country: USA 
 Value: 25 € 
 Description: Contents : Don’t Be Cruel - Hound Dog - Jailhouse Rock - All Shook Up.

Issued in 1992 to promote “The Complete ‘50’s Masters” box set.

This is a picture CD revealing a black and white close-up shot from “The Complete ‘50’s Masters” box-set cover. With no actual front cover ! The disc itself serves as the main artwork. The disc also contains the following warning : “Promo Only - Not For Sale”. The back cover depicts the box-set contents and proudly announces : “First box-set ever to ship Gold (100,000 units). It also provides the recording data for the four tracks included on the CD.