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Elvis Is Back! - Germany 1993 - BMG ND 89013

Release: 1988 BMG R25P-1002   Japan 25 €
Release: 1988 BMG 2231-2-R   USA 22 €
Release: 1989 BMG R25P-1002   Japan 25 €
Release: 1989 BMG 18566-0 German Club Edition Germany 30 €
Release: 1989 BMG ND 89013   Germany 22
Release: 1990 BMG ND 89013 Elvis in the 90s Germany 15 €
Release: 1991 BMG 2231-2-R   USA 15 €
Release: 1991 BMG BVCP-2029   Japan 20 €
Release: 1992 BMG ND 89013   Australia 15 €
Release: 1993 BMG ND 89013 Elvis in the 90s Germany 13 €
Release: 1993 BMG 2231-2-R   Canada 18 €
Release: 1993 BMG 2231-2-R   USA 13 €
Release: 1994 BMG ND 89013 Germany13 €
Release: 1994 BMG 2231-2-R   Brazil 24 €
Release: 1996 BMG 2231-2-R   USA 13 €
Release: 2000 BMG BVCM-37088 Paper Sleeve Collection Japan 28 €
Release: 2012 Sony Music CAPP 2231 SASuper Audio CD USA30 €


Collectors note:

This CD was reissued in 1999 with 6 bonus tracks.

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Elvis Is Back! is the tenth studio album by Elvis Presley. It was released by RCA Victor in mono and stereo in April 1960. Recorded over two sessions in March and April, the album marked Presley's return to recording after his discharge from the U.S. Army.

In 1957, as Presley's fame was soaring, he received a draft notice from the Memphis Draft Board, but was given a deferment so he could finish his latest film production, King Creole. During Presley's two-year military service in Germany, RCA Victor and Paramount Pictures progressively released material he had completed prior to enlistment. During his last months in the Army, Presley experimented with new sounds and worked on further improving his performance. He also prepared material for his first session in Nashville, which was scheduled to take place upon his return. Presley returned to the United States on March 2, 1960. The singer reunited with his original band The Blue Moon Boys, excepting bassist Bill Black. The first session was held on March 20–21 and the second session was held on April 3–4, completing the album. (wikipedia )