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Elvis Presley
Good Rockin' Tonight


Good Rockin' Tonight - USA 1988 - (slim line jewel case) - BMG SVC2-0824

Release: 1988 BMG SVC2-0824   USA -
Release: 1988 BMG SVC2-0824 Slim Jewel Case USA 40 €
Release: 1988 BMG SVC2-0824 Fat Jewel Case USA 50 €
Release: 1991 BMG SVC2-0824 Fat Jewel Case USA 50 €


RCA Special Products relaese. Manufactured and distributed by BMG Direct Marketing Inc. Available only via mail order within the USA.

From the liner notes:
The first in this collection of rock and blues songs was performed by a nervous Tupelo, Mississippi teenager on July 30, 1954 at his first public appearance as a bona fide recording artist. Crying out, "Have you heard the news, there's good rockin' tonight!", he staked out his place in rock and roll history.

These 32 recordings highlight a wild, uninhibited Elvis Presley - an Elvis far removed from the Las Vegas showbiz figure who would become the principal inspiration for latter-day hack impersonators. From the opening bars of songs such as "Blue Suede Shoes", "Rip lt Up" and "Ready Teddy" Elvis grabs hold and sets out for a place few singers could imagine let alone reach. Not content with equalling the spirit of the originals, he consistently pushes them over the top with his own fire and passion.

Despite critics' claims to the contrary, Elvis continued to lay down some fine rock tracks after his early Sun and RCA recordings. There are some terrific bluestinged songs recorded immediately after his discharge from the Army in 1960, both sides of an all-time great double hit single ("Little Sister"/"His Latest Flame") and a faithful group harmony rendering of a 1955 Four Fellows tune ("Soldier Boy"). Finally, the blues scorcher "Down In The Alley" should leave even the purists gasping for air.

Here then are some of Elvis' finest moments. They helped define rock and roll and ignite a cultural revolution in the process. When the hollering died out on that July day in Memphis and the summer dust settled, planet Earth had shifted in its orbit and nothing would ever be the same again. To listen to these recordings is to know the reasons why.