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A Touch Of Platinum - A Life In Music - Volume 2


A Touch Of Platinum - A Life In Music Vol. 2 - 1998 - BMG  - Elvis Presley CD

Release: 1998 BMG 07863 67593-2   USA 25 €
Release: 1998 BMG 74321 59598-2 50 tracks EU 25 €
Release: 1998 BMG BG2 67593 B22 67593 Columbia House Canada 40 €
Release: 1998 BMG 07863 67593-2 Made in USA Taiwan 30 €
Release: 1998 BMG BG2 67593 B22 67593 Columbia House (error release) Canada  
Release: 1998 BMG 07863 67593-2 / D 226120 BMG Direct Canada 30 €
Release: 1999 BMG BG2-67593 / B22-67593 Columbia House USA 35 €
Release: 2003 BMG VMP CD-1543 (CD 1)   China 15 €
Release: 2003 BMG VMP CD-1544 (CD 2)   China 15 €


The EU release has 50 tracks on two CDs, the USA/Canada release only 44!

The second volume of A Touch of Platinum, following the first by five months, is another two-disc set completing an examination of Elvis Presley's recording career by using both familiar recordings and alternate takes. (Just as Volume 1 was an abbreviated version of the first two discs of the 1997 four-CD box set Platinum: A Life in Music, this second volume is an abbreviated version of the last two discs, containing 44 of the original 50 tracks.) Eighteen of the selections are alternates, but whether similar studio takes or rehearsals, they are of curiosity value only. The story picks up with Presley's 1968 comeback special and follows with the late-'60s hits "In the Ghetto" and "Suspicious Minds" (both alternates), the Las Vegas shows, more studio recordings, and concert material from the '70s. While the two volumes of A Touch of Platinum take the listener through Presley's career chronologically, there is so much similar material on the market that they are hard to recommend to anyone but the committed fans, who need no such encouragement.
(AllMusic Review by William Ruhlmann  )