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Elvis Presley
The Concert
1999 - 2000 World Tour


The Concert - 1999 World Tour - BMG 74321 64429 2  The Concert - 1999 World Tour - EU 2000 - BMG 74321 64429 2

Release: 1998 BMG 74321 64429 2    Australia 25
Release: 1998 BMG BVCM -37081-2   Japan 30 €
Release: 2000BMG 74321 64429 2 2000 World TourEU22 €
Release: 2000 BMG 74321 64429 2 2000 World Tour Netherlands 30 €


Elvis the Concert is a concert tour started in 1997 that features a video and the voice of Elvis Presley performing with his 1970s backup band via computer technology. Starting in 1998, a scaled-down version of the show was taken on tour. The format of the show follows one of Elvis' 1970s live concerts, albeit somewhat differently.
The Concert - 1999 - 2000  World Tour - Elvis Presley

The show is divided into two different acts, each one 45 minutes to an   hour, with an intermission between them. The main material used for the   shows comes from Elvis: That's the Way It Is, Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii,   and Elvis on Tour.

During the show, a large video screen hangs above the main set upon   which the video of Elvis' performance is projected. Two smaller screens   hang on either side, and video of the live musicians, or special video   packages are shown.

After a domestic tour (which ended with a show at the Market Square  Arena in Indianapolis, IN, the site of Elvis' final live concert on June 26, 1977), the show went to Europe, Asia, and Australia.(wikipedia )