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Elvis Presley
The Searcher


Elvis Presley The Searcher-  EU 2018 - Sony Legacy 19075811732 - Elvis Presley CD


Release: 2018 Sony Legacy 19075811732   Australia 14 €
Release: 2018 Sony Legacy 19075811732   Canada 10 €
Release: 2018 Sony Legacy 19075811732   EU 13 €
Release: 2018 Sony UK-J2066 VFE34533 Special Edition Blu-ray UK & Ireland 45 €
Release: 2018 Sony Legacy 19075811732   USA 10 €


Also published as deluxe version with threee CDs

The Searcher (deluxe edition)


The new multi-part documentary Elvis Presley: The Searcher, directed by Thom Zimny and airing on HBO on April 14, pushes past the larger-than-life image of The King of Rock and Roll, portraying him instead as a man and an artist "who wanted to heal, to find that thing that was always felt to be missing, and to do it through the music.”

This soundtrack features 18 songs as heard in the film including familiar hit recordings ("Heartbreak Hotel,” "Are You Lonesome Tonight?”), powerful vocal performances ("That's All Right,” "Tomorrow Is a Long Time,” "Trouble/Guitar Man”) and rare outtakes ("Suspicious Minds,” "Separate Ways”).

Elvis Presley: The Searcher (The Original Soundtrack) is also available on 2-LP and 3-CD configurations. (announcement)