Blue Hawaii


Blue Hawaii

Running time: 101 minutes
Release date: 11/14/61

"Blue Hawaii," "Almost Always True," "Aloha Oe," "No More," "Can't Help Falling in Love," "Rock-a-Hula Baby," "Moonlight Swim," "Ku-u-i-po," "Ito Eats," "Slicin' Sand," "Hawaiian Sunset," "Beach Boy Blues," "Island of Love," "Hawaiian Wedding Song," "Stepping Out of Line."

Produced by Hal B. Wallis.
Directed by Norman Taurog.
Associate Producer: Paul Nathan.
Screenplay by Hal Kanter.
Story by Allan Weiss.
Photographed by Charles Lang, Jr., A.S.C.
Edited by Warren Low and Terry Morse, A.C.E.
Special Photographic Effects by John P. Fulton, A.S.C.
Process Photography by Farciot Edouart, A.S.C.
Music Scored and Conducted by Joseph L. Lilley.
Musical Numbers Staged by Charles O'Curran.
Vocal Accompaniments by The Jordanaires.
Art Direction by Hal Pereira and Walter Tyler.
Costumes by Edith Head.
Makeup by Wally Westmore.
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker.
Photographed in Panavision and Technicolor.

Chad Gates Elvis Presley
Maile Duval Joan Blackman
Abigail Prentace Nancy Walters
Fred Gates Roland Winters
Sarah Lee Gates Angela Lansbury
Jack Kelman John Archer
Mr. Chapman Howard McNear
Mrs. Manaka Flora Hayes
Mr. Duval Gregory Gay
Mr. Garvey Steve Brodie
Mrs. Garvey Iris Adrian
Patsy Darlene Tomkins
Sandy Pamela Alkert
Beverly Christian Kay
Ellie Jenny Maxwell
Ito O'Hara  Frank Atienza
Carl Lani Kai
Ernie Jose De Varga
Wes Ralph Hanalie


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Chad Gates returns to Hawaii after two years in the Army, determined not to do what his mother wants, which is to take a job in the family pineapple business, settle down and marry a girl of his own social position.
Instead Chad gets a job as a guide in a tourist agency where his sweetheart, Maile Duval, works, and his first assignment is escorting around the island four pretty schoolgirls, chaperoned by Abigail Prentace.
One of the schoolgirls, Ellie, develops a crush for Chad and continuously throws herself at him, causing Chad some trouble with his sweetheart.
Everything is resolved in the end, when Chad marries Maile in a colorful boat wedding and they soon hope to open their own travel agency.