Follow That Dream



Follow That Dream
United Artists

Running time: 110 minutes
Release date: 3/29/62

"What A Wonderful Life," "I'm Not The Marrying Kind," "Sound Advice," "Follow That Dream," "Angel".

Produced by David Weisbart.
Directed by Gordon Douglas.
Screenplay by Charles Lederer.
Based on the play, Pioneer, Go Home! by Richard Powell.
Photographed by Leo Tover, A.S.C.
Edited by William B. Murphy, A.C.E.
Music by Hans J. Salter.
Music Editor: Robert Tracy.
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker.
Photographed in Panavision and DeLuxe Color.

Toby Kwimper Elvis Presley
Pop Kwimper Arthur O'Connell
Holly Jones Anne Helm
Alicia Claypoole Joanna Moore
Carmine Jack Kruschen
Nick Simon Oakland
Eddy and Teddy Bascomb Gavin and Robert Koon
Ariadne Pam Ogles


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Toby Kwimper and his father have adopted, unofficially, three children and pretty Holly Jones, who is in love with Toby.
Travelling through a southern state, they run out of gas and homestead on an unopened stretch of highway. Claiming squatter's rights, they settle and open a small business renting rowboats, fishing poles and bait and attract other homesteaders to the area. As the homesite is out of municipal and county jurisdiction, a couple of gangsters, Nick and Carmine, move a gambling trailer there and attract crowds and noise.
Toby is elected sheriff by the homesteaders and the gangsters hire hoods to beat up Toby. Using judo, Toby routs the hoods and clears the gangsters out. Meanwhile, Alicia Claypoole, State Welfare Superintendent investigates the "family" and proceeds to seize the children on the grounds of "bad moral climate." In a courtroom scene Pop Kwimper and Toby plead their case and the judge dismisses any legal charges.