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Rock Back The Clock

Rock Back the Clock - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Rock Back The Clock Rock Back The ClockRock Back The Clock

Title: Rock Back The Clock
Label: Straight Arrow
Label Number: SA 2007-8A/B-02
Release Date: 2008
Recording Type: Live Audience Recording
Location: Pontiac/Michigan, Silverdome Stadium
Date: December 31 - 1975. Dinner Show.
Sound: Very Good !
  Track Listing:  
01 Also Sprach Zarathustra   00:59
02 Opening Vamp / C.C. Rider   04:10
03 I Got A Woman / Amen   07:16
04 Monologue (Elvis splits his pants)   01:49
05 Love Me   03:53
06 Tryin' To Get To You   02:27
07 And I Love You So   03:29
08 All Shook Up   01:04
09 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   02:05
10 Heartbreak Hotel   01:44
11 One Night   02:20
12 You Gave Me A Mountain   03:27
13 Polk Salad Annie   04:53
14 Monologue (Elvis leave the stage to change the suit)   00:56
15 Sweet Sweet Spirit (by J.D. Summer & The Stamps)   02:54
01 Band Introductions   01:36
02 What'd I Say   00:40
03 Drums Solo (Ronnie Tutt)   00:58
04 Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff)   01:27
05 Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin)   01:11
06 Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs)   01:11
07 School Days   01:23
08 My Way   05:10
09 Love Me Tender   02:29
10 Monologue (New Year Countdown)   01:08
11 Auld Lang Syne   01:42
12 How Great Thour Art (with reprise)   04:56
13 It's Now Or Never   02:57
14 America   02:27
15 Monologue (introducing Charlie Hodge, Lisa Marie and Vernon)   03:20
16 Hound Dog   01:23
17 Wooden Heart (part.)   00:30
18 Can't Help Falling In Love   01:39
19 Closing Vamp / Announcements   01:29
20 Elvis speaks about his New Year's Eve Show in Seattle   03:07
21 Elvis speaks about his New Year's Eve Show in Atlanta   00:31
Notes: Press info:
The producers are aware that this concert was previously released from another source but in the case of this release, they were able to obtain an ORIGINAL TAPE recorded by the same person that taped the College Park, MD, 27.09.1974 using the same recorder and microphone. That concert has been released on Straight Arrow's 2006 CD "CHAOS IN COLLEGE PARK". The main reason for this new and ultimate Pontiac '75 release is that the sound quality is excellent for an off-line recording. Since no soundboard recording of this show exists, only audience taped documentation of this historic event is available. Over the last 15 years, three independent audience recordings were collected and on each source there was a major problem: excessive echo caused by the large stadium space. This new source is very clear and most importantly, almost echo-free because the person with recorder was sitting very close to the sound system.

The content of the show is well known, with the playlist based on Elvis' previous Las Vegas engagement. Among the Pontiac highlights are powerful performances of "Trying To Get To You", "One Night" and "Heartbreak Hotel" and also the ballads "You Gave Me A Mountain" and "And I Love You So", which were sung with passion. Finally, a thundering performance of "How Great Thou Art" brought the stadium down. The one and only real drawback is an unrehearsed "My Way"; Elvis had problems with the lyrics and he paused the song in the middle for a few seconds.

We live in the days when almost every obscure CD label is hyping that their product was "taken directly from the original tape"…is, what else - "professionally remastered" and of course – with "fantastic results". Every new CD seems to contain some "deluxe 16-page full color booklet" with many "unpublished photos" in a "very professional layout".

The "Straight Arrow" label does not want to exaggerate. If you have any of the previous "Straight Arrow" CD releases, then you know what to expect in design and sound quality. This new 2CD-set will contain a 24 page booklet with approx. 60 photos. Some of them are unpublished, some not, but they all were carefully hand-picked from the almost 150 available shots to give the listener a visual overview of The Event. You will see Elvis before and after the show as well as in both jumpsuits on stage. An unusual photo of the Silverdome stage before the concert is included as well as the review from the local newspaper, original ticket stub and show poster. To make the release even more authentic, sleeve notes were written by a fan that was so happy to be there...
Sound Sample: Polk Salad Annie
Concert: Complete show contrary to "Happy New Year From Pontiac 1975". See comments there.