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The Elvis Presley Collection Vol. 2

The Elvis Presley Collection Vol. 2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Elvis Presley Collection Vol. 2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Elvis Presley Collection Vol. 2 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

Title: The Elvis Presley Collection Vol. 2
Label: none listed
Label Number: none
Release Date: 2015
Recording Type: Studio recordings
Location: Various
Date: Various
Sound: Studio
 Track Listing: 
01 Separate Ways   02:37
02 Sentimental Me   02:34
03 In My Way   01:25
04 I Met Her Today   02:43
05 What Now, What Next, Where To   01:58
06 Always On My Mind   03:39
07 I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell   01:37
08 Is It So Strange   02:30
09 Forget Me Never   01:38
10 Old Shep   04:10
11 C'mon Everybody   02:19
12 A Whistling Tune   02:44
13 I'll Be There   02:27
14 I Love Only One Girl   01:55
15 Easy Come, Easy Go   02:15
16 Santa Lucia   01:14
17 Tonight Is So Right For Love   02:14
18 Guadalajara   02:45
19 Angel   02:40
20 A Little Less Conversation   02:16
21 Follow That Dream   01:39
22 Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)   01:29
23 Separate Ways (take 25)   02:58
24 Always On My Mind (unedited overdub master)   03:34
25 I Met Her Today (take 6)   02:48
26 Címon Everybody (movie version takes 6 - 7)   02:31
27 Long Legged Girl (alternate master)       01:45
28 A Little Less Conversation (take 10)       02:30

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From 1968 to 1975, RCA Camden issued a series of compilation albums. This output primarily consisted of repackaging of Elvis Presley's 1960s-era movie soundtrack recordings. These albums were very successful, due to the low budget price and the great gatefold album sleeves. For many (young) fans these albums were their introduction to the music of Elvis Presley. Although these albums did not always contained the very best of Elvisí recordings.

The Camden albums taught many customers one valuable lesson: you may find gold, when you least expect it. 'The Elvis Presley Collection' contained 3 volumes. These albums are among the best known Camden releases. And finally, if only for nostalgic reasons, they are now released on CD. Looking like miniature vinyl albums, these releases will bring back many of the happy memories from the good olí days. They come sealed and include some special bonus tracks.