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Het Beste Van Vijftien Wereldsterren


Het Beste Van Vijftien Wereldsterren - Netherlands 1990 - EVA/Music Prom.CD40 Het Beste Van Vijftien Wereldsterren - Netherlands 1990 - EVA/Music Prom.CD40

Release: 1990 EVA/Music Prom.CD40    Netherlands -

This promo CD promotes the EVA's series called 'Wereldsterren' (means 'worldstars').
EVA - a joint venture of EMI, Virgin, BMG Ariola - released almost 30 volumes in this series including one Elvis Presley CD.

This CD series is partly a re-release of a huge vinyl series from the 70's/80's - released in Holland only - called 'Wereldsterren'.
Some titles were dropped, and new titles were added for the CD series that followed in the early 90's.

It is interesting to note that all titles in this series have the subtitle 'Het Beste Van ...' ('The Best Of ...').
Only 1 title is called 'Het Mooiste Van ...' ('The Nicest Of ...'), and this is the Elvis Presley CD. (
Info: Bob Pakes)
Het Beste Van Vijftien Wereldsterren - Netherlands 1990 - EVA/Music Prom.CD40

Matrix number: EMI PROM CD40 1-2-3

  Dolly Parton - You Are
Don Mclean - Vincent
Commodores - Still
Diana Ross - Theme From 'Mahogany'
Shadows - Cavatina
Anne Murray - You Needed Me
Sheena Easton - You Could Have Been With Me
Julien Clerc - Ce n´est rien
Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life
Elvis Presley - Always On My Mind
Demis Roussos - Rain And Tears (Live Version)
Shirley Bassey - Yesterday When I was Young
Gilbert Bécaud - Nathalie
Paul Anka - My Way
José Feliciano - The Windmills Of Your Mind


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